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Authorities Content with Adherence to COVID-19 SOPS During the KIU College Elections.


By Isaac Akugizibwe.

KIU, Main Campus - Strict observance of COVID-19 standard operating procedures has been observed at all polling stations as several students turned up with uncautionable discipline to cast their votes during the voting of the KIU guild representatives that officially closed at 4pm on Monday 7th December at the main campus.

Martin Ainebyona, the Chairperson of the Guild Electoral Commission, said that both the candidates and the voters have been very cooperative throughout the voting exercise. He attributed the achievement to the discipline of the candidates and the security operatives who ensured strict observance of standard operating procedures set by the university and the government of Uganda through the Ministry of Health against COVID-19 pandemic.

‘’So far everything is good discipline ways, SOPs have been well observed and sincerely there has been maximum cooperation between the voters and the polling officers plus security," Martin acknowledged.

One of the security officers at the School of Law polling station praised KIU students for observing SOPs as they lined up at a distance of two meters between each other in order to cast their votes. 

The officer, who sought anonymity, was quoted saying that, ‘’KIU students should be recruited to teach leaders elsewhere to adhere to rules without being reminded.’’

All individuals entering the university premises have all day long been asked to wash their hands and wear face masks before entering the university.vThose casting votes were required to line up at a distance of two metres between each other and sanitize before and after accessing the ballot box.

Counting of votes was underway and was expected to end at around 6pm that evening.