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Explorer of the Day; Peter Maswi Hopes to Inspire the East African Community


Walking through the hallways of the university, you will not miss a cheerful Peter Maswi, who will be greeting and talking to people. Peter, a third year law student, is the current and first President of the KGT Writers Club. He is also the co-founder of the club.

“Being part of the Writers Club has been one of my biggest delights so far. Our patron Alex Busingye has been very incredible as he mentors and encourages us to take opportunities which in turn have enabled us to be more confident, skilled and be open to more to new opportunities,” said Peter.

He added that through the KGT Writers’ Club, he and some of his colleagues have been able to participate in the African Charter for Democracy, Election and Governance (ACDEG) where they traveled around East African cities like Arusha, Dar-es-Salaam, Nairobi as they engaged young people to be more present with how their countries run.

Peter stated, “The vision of the club is to leave a lasting legacy that can not just Ugandans, but East Africans as well. With certainty, my participation in this club has boosted my confidence as a leader as I was able to win the presidency of the Tanzanian Students’ Body in Uganda.”

With a broad smile across his face, he mentioned how his stay in Uganda has been a wonderful experience as he has been able to make friends and business partners. 

‘Alongside a few colleagues from the KGT Writers Club, we started an NGO called Generation Engagement Network, where we specialize in environmental activism, social entrepreneurship, civic engagement and economic empowerment especially for the less privileged people like those with disabilities. We have already been able to partner with World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF), where we mobilized students and other Ugandans for a peaceful march as a way to urge the government to ban the use of plastics especially those for single-use like kavera,”  said Peter.

He advised young people to take initiative, take their passion and talent and make positive contributions to their communities. 


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