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KIU Business Desk: Christmas is Around the Corner, but no Business in the City


By Rogers Wanambwa

KIU, Main Campus - Normally, December is known for the last-minute shoppers of Christmas commodities. These range from clothes, shoes, Christmas decorations, foodstuffs to even bigger things like TVs.

However, this year, following the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, businesses are seeing unprecedented low customer turnout. That elections are just a month away has not helped either. 

As it is, most business during this time revolves around Christmas decorations like lights, balloons, among other things. Much of these are bought by churches, discotheques, NGOs, and even business centers. 

Many of these remain at low capacity and their demand for the above, equally low.

Benjamin Mukasa, a downtown trader, based at Owino laments this year saying that, “People have just gotten back to work. They didn't have enough time to save for these festivities. Honestly, we don't expect much business this year.”

To concur with him, Belinda Mwiru, a third-year university student said that, “Although I'm working, right now, we are only thinking about finishing our exams and going home. There's no money to spend on new clothes and other luxuries we normally look forward to around this time of the year.”

For many, like John and Brenda, a new couple that lives in Buziga, buying and stocking food is the only thing on their budget.

Besides, big shopping malls like Equatorial mall, Garden city, Acacia, and hotels in the city like Golf course, Protea, and Africana are now well decorated with the traditional Christmas lights and trees with red bouquets and souvenirs.

Furthermore, different arcades, malls, and markets are already playing Christmas festive songs to attract customers.