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KIU Mental Health: 10 Ways to Spend Your Lockdown Days Productively


KIU, Western Campus – Last week, we talked of the need to steer clear of substance use during the lockdown and the adverse effects resorting to substance use can have on one’s life.

Today, we look at how to spend our time during the lockdown productively. This free time presents us with opportunities to do things which we’ve always wanted to do or like to do more of depending on our individual circumstances. I think it makes sense for us to be productive with this time and do things that are meaningful to us.

  1.    Reading. Books exercise the brain, build our vocabularies, lowers stress and also enhances the imagination. You can always visit this website to find reviews of books you can read.
    2.    Learn a new skill. There are things we have always wanted to learn but never had the time to do so because of school. Be it art and crafts, design, cooking or a new game, you can always use this time to learn something new.
    3.    Set up a workout routine. Exercising is very important not only for our physical health but our mental health as well. Setting up a workout routine will help you accomplish this, alongside your other activities.
    4.    Complete a daily puzzle. Like reading books, solving puzzles offers a range of benefits; improved memory, better problem-solving skills and increased IQ are just some of them. This sort of brain training can take many forms, such as jigsaws, Sudoku puzzles or crosswords which can be found/purchased easily and cheaply. 
    5.    Meditate. It’s important to be mindful of your surroundings as well as your wellbeing during this lockdown, and meditation might help you get a bit of peace of mind in times of uncertainty.  
    6.    Tend to the garden. Your busy lifestyle usually means that things in the garden do not get done but now you don’t have that excuse. You can plant flowers, vegetables or other short-term crops like beans. This will help provide more food for the family whilst keeping you occupied.
    7.    Listen to more music. Music helps to soothe the mind and as we all know, it is food for the soul. Use this extra time to listen to more and more music and also explore genres you have not listened to before, like kadongokamu. Kadongokamu music is very educative and entertaining at the same time.
    8.    Fix things around the house. There are some things that get broken around the house but there is usually no time to fix them and you instead turn to a mechanic or handyman to fix them. This is the time to fix these things yourself be it a broken pipe or adding a layer of paint on the walls. 
    9.    Keep in touch with friends, family and other colleagues. As COVID-19 is becoming more vicious, several people are losing their lives. You never know, a distant relative, friend or colleague at school could lose their life without you knowing. Keep in touch with people you know to comfort them through this tough period.
    10.    Sleep more. Now, with all the above things to do, who doesn’t need a little more sleep?

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