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Picking nomination forms for college representatives in the KIU Guild Union starts today


By Isaac Akugizibwe

KIU, Main Campus - The KIU Guild Union Electoral Commission has opened up the issuing of nomination forms for college and school representative aspirants for the year 2022/2023.

Solomon Oketcho, the Chairperson of the KIU Guild Union Electoral Commission, said that his team is set to serve anyone who wishes to run for college Member of Parliament.

"We are ready to do our job, every one here is set. We are only waiting for prospective candidates to come and pick nomination forms," Oketcho said.

He added that only valid KIU students are expected to pick nomination forms starting from 9am to 5pm from today till the deadline on Thursday.

"We shall not hand any application form to an individual who can not prove that he or she is a valid KIU student. Students are required to present only a valid student Identity card and a nomination fee of Uganda shillings 90,000 in order to pick a nomination form," he explained.

Nomination of candidates will kick off on Thursday immediately after closing the registration exercise and successful candidates will be declared between Friday 18th March 2022 and 23rd March 2022. Thereafter campaigns will begin from 23rd to 28th March 2022.

Members of Parliament will be voted on 4th April 2022, three days after the stakeholders meeting on the first day of April. Successful college representatives will have a chance to stand for president or back one candidate who shall be nominated on 5th April 2022 according to the roadmap. Successfully nominated Presidential aspirants will have six days to solicit for votes. Thus from 5th -10th April, 2022.

The election of the Guild President on 11th April 2022 is the last event on the road map if all conditions remain constant.